Consumers play an important role in the success and growth of a business online and offline. Actually, consumers work as a support system for old as well as new technology-based companies. However, there are many customers who are cheated by these businesses. Most of the consumers are not aware of their rights thus many fraud companies cheat them by offering false or overpriced products and services.

Online consumer forums are helping people to find a solution to these problems. These forums allow you to report and file a complaint easily by using a few simple steps. However, the consumer should also be careful when purchasing a product from a company. Awareness is the most significant defense which can help a customer to be aware and fight against such problems caused by private or government companies. Knowing your rights will allow you to be safe from fake and fraud services.

Things to remember while buying a product:

Product quantity

Quantity is a vital aspect that you need to be careful of while buying a product. Sometimes, a customer purchases less quality at a very low price because they have no knowledge or half -knowledge about the same.

Product quality

This means the features of a commercial product which thoroughly meet the needs of the patrons. A great quality of a product gives satisfaction to the customer. Some knowledgeable customers look for only high-quality products while others just run after low priced product with low quality. In this case, no or half knowledge can invite many problems for a customer. Thus, you should always check the features and quality of a product before investing your money in.

Expiry date

An expiration date of a product is the very important thing to consider before making a purchase. Sometimes, an expired product or medication can be life threating, so it’s important to check the date properly.


Brand actually presents the level of the business. Branded products are considered safe and perfect but there are a number of fake companies in the market selling defective products with a reputed brand’s logo at the same price. So you must be careful about the same.

Product cost

Cost is the major concern while buying the product either from a brand or a small company. Save yourself from defective and false products. Also, be careful while spending your money and choose a product at the right price.

Consumer Sathi helps consumers to deal with fraud and deceitful services. It helps customers to file complaints against a company and reach to Consumer Court easily. The professionals from the online forum also guide customers on filing customer complaint and understanding their rights.

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