How to file a customer complaint in a consumer court against a company and procedures that need to be taken?

Earlier, company’s use to offer replacement for a malfunctioned product, but as time ensued things have changed. Though there has been a spiked increase in the number of customers purchasing the product, so has been the increase in competitors and complaints from customers. Also, there are few companies as well, which don’t provide the best after sales service, which is a downfall for a consumer. Over the year, things have changed and today customer has more power than he ever did. Today, there are consumer forums or consumer courts, which have been established to cater to a customer’s complaint.

In this consumer-oriented age, every customer when purchases any item or avails any service and he feels dissatisfied, he can complain to get his due rights. The first step in this direction of lodging a complaint is reporting the owner of the company/organisation which has produced that product or provided that service. Every organisation today, has put a complain Redressal system in place to ensure that all the consumer-related issues can be given proper attention and resolved in time, without any further delay.

It can be directed to the court if the desired owner does not respond positively. One can approach the consumer court through online numbers available for the common man to file the complaint. There are certain privileges and precautions to be taken before filling in any form. Similar to our civil/criminal judicial system, consumer forum is also segregated on the basis of amount involved in a Redressal. One can approach District Consumer Forum when the cost is less than 20 lakh rupees, but if it exceeds than this amount, he has to approach State commission of the state if the cost is more than one crore approach National commissions in New Delhi.

How to file a complaint in Consumer court:-

  1. First of all, we need the invoice or bill for the item purchased
  2. Any warranty card provided by the shopkeeper.
  3. The address proof
  4. Registration no. of company
  5. In case the bill is not provided, the entry in the accounts section of the company may be searched.
  6. Any impairment may be searched in bank statements.

First of all, he may need a photocopy of all the above necessary documents, identification proof like PAN/AADHAR CARD etc. which should be signed and sealed by a notary. DD should be attached for the court fee: 100 rupees up to one lakh, 200 rupees for 1 to 5 lakhs, 300 rupees for 5 to 10 lakhs and 400 rupees for 10 to 20 lakhs. For the transactions between 20 to 50 lakhs, he has to be present at the State commissions and pay the amount 2000. A stamp paper for ₹ 4000/- has to be issued, for the Redressal amount between 50 lakhs to 1 crore, and ₹ 5000/- rupees for the amount above one crore. But the person belonging to ‘Antyodaya Anna Yojana’ card need not pay a fee. The customer needs to be present in all the legal proceedings. Also, he needs to mention the relief he wishes from the judgment, like replacement or repair or refund. He can claim even the cost involved in this procedure. All the procedure may take up to two years from the date of filing the case. If the case persists, he may take help of the advocate with an additional cost of his fee. Moreover, if many people have the same complaint, they can lodge it in a single one.

How to file a customer complaint against a company?

A consumer complaint can be expressed as a type of grievance lodged by any consumer over dissatisfaction over a product or service. The complaints are at first dealt with the company the products are from. However, it can be directed to the government as well, when the said company fails to take any measures regarding the issue. The consumers need to know how to file customer complaint. There are several consumer helpline numbers available for the customers to file the complaint. Also, there are a set of rules which the consumer must adhere to before filing any grievances.

If the relief is less than 20 lakh rupees, the issue should be addressed at District Consumer Forum. When it exceeds 20 lakh but is less than one crore, it will be filed in the State Commission of the particular state. Beyond, one crore the complaint will go to National Commission in New Delhi.

Documents required while filing

While filing any consumer complaint, some documents are necessary for the legal procedures such as bill or invoice for that buy, if any warranty card is given while purchasing, proper address proof to show whether the company is registered. It can be acquired from the website bill or other things. However, if the bill was not available during the purchase, usually the details can be found in the accounts section of the company where all the information are entered. Other details that bring forth the negligence of the company can be provided, such as e-mails, telephone calls or SMS-es. Evidence such as bank statements can also be given.

How to file the Complaint?

While filing the complaint, you should attach all necessary photocopies of the documents. Identification proof is needed of the complainant such as PAN, Adhar Card, etc. Documents need to be notarised by seal and signature before filing the complaint. The court fee needs to be paid along with them as Demand Draft.

The fees differ in certain categories. Up to one lakh rupees, the fees is Rupees 100, from one lakh to five lakh rupees you have to pay 200 rupees, from five to ten lakh you need 300 rupees, above ten to twenty lakh rupees the amount needed is 400 rupees. Further, you have to visit the state commission which accepts amount between twenty to fifty lakh rupees where you have to pay 2000 rupees and above fifty lakh to 1 crore rupees fee required is 4000 rupees. When the amount exceeds one crore rupees, the fee needed to pay is 5000 rupees. People below poverty line having ‘Antyodaya Anna Yojana’ card do not have to pay any fee.

You have to make at least five copy of the complaint and keep one copy for yourself. It has to be ensured to visit all the hearing date to follow the proceedings. It has to be mentioned in the complaint the relief you are seeking, such as replacement of goods, removal of defects or refund of the products. The cost of the complaint can also be asked from the complaining party.


The limitation period from the lodge of the complaint is two years from the date of filing. In case of delay of proceedings, the complaint might still be taken weighing the gravity of the case and the reason for its delay. If several people have the same problem, they can file a single complaint. While filing the complaint, the customer might take the help of an advocate for advice; however, it comes with a fee.

Gather Information and Make Sure the Filed Consumer Court Complaint is Heard

If you feel cheated after purchasing a product or service and are planning to go to the Consumer Court, know that instead of approaching the consumer courts directly, it is more effective to file a complaint with an Online Consumer Forum. Yes, consumer court complaint is the wisest decision to make, however, it is important that you follow our detailed checklist, which will give you fair chances of being heard and quick and desired response to your complaint.

Step 1 – Before initiating the complaint procedure

Before you actually initiate the complaint procedure it is important that you invest quality time to go through the steps mentioned below. This will help in keeping your focus on the genuine issues and on what you want as the response to your complaint:

What is wrong?

1) What defect is there in the product or service?
2) Write these defect points in detail, so you have them clear in your head?

What are your rights?

Make sure you gather information on your rights from fair trading or consumer affairs website i.e. from government official websites. It is important to make this search from a reliable source, if not the government website, as there are multiple forums available online, however not all provide reliable and up-to-date information.

If your issues are somehow complicated and involve a lot of money, it is a good idea to opt for some legal advice. For some hiring a legal help might be an expensive affair but it might also save a lot of money in the long run.

What do you want?

This is very important, as this is the sole purpose of filing a complaint:

1) Do you want the company to pay a refund, a repair or a replacement? This also depends on the nature of the defect.
2) Do you want the company to release an apology? At times, the defected product hurt consumer’s sentiments and the consumer files a complaint just to make the company aware of this and make sure the same is not repeated for others.

What documents do you have?

Make sure you gather all the documents with regard to product or service purchase, like receipt or invoice, photos, original packaging, letters or emails.

Make quick notes on:

  • date of product or service purchased
  • date when the problem first occurred
  • what all efforts you have made so far
  • conversations – who, when, where, what has been said
  • any reference numbers.

Do not waste time

It is important to react promptly. The earlier you try to fix the issue, the more likely are your chances of getting the desired response.
Stop using the faulty product, if you try to make it work, it is likely that you are making a situation worse.

Step 2 – Complain To the Company

  • Usually, the consumer can get a long way if he/she directly start the conversation with the company itself.
  • Be respectful.
  • Explain to the concerned person what has occurred and what are your expectations.
  • Mostly the customer care executive doesn’t have many authorities, so if you are not satisfied with the solution provided, ask them to connect with the senior officials.
  • Try not losing your calm.
  • Make notes or record the conversation.

What if all that mentioned above doesn’t work?

If as a distressed consumer you are not getting any satisfactory solution from the company, it is time to make a formal consumer court complaint on an online consumer complaint portal. These portals are easy to operate and filing consumer complaint here is quick and easy. There will be a minimal cost involved in the overall procedure.

Remember the saying “Don’t throw good money after bad”.

So, its time you take charge and gather information necessary to file a consumer complaint.

Online Consumer Forum And Its Support To Consumers

Online forums are equally important for brands and consumers as they allow both of them to interact with each other. Giving the chances to speak to the customers, online forums help companies to know about the flaws and troubleshoot the same as well as enhance their products and services. The consumer forums online provide a range of tools and solutions including message board forum, chat, and instant message support. Community members join the forum and make the most of these tools to connect with a particular brand or company. You can have below advantages of making an Online Complaint Against Company through forums.

Alert and approachable services

With more facts and information accessible from various sources, you can learn, observe, forestall and reply to diverse requirements. By following a precise and organized method, clienteles can find their problems noted and resolved soon. The groups have expert specialists who are familiar with the consumer guidelines and regulations, so they take proper steps and aid in fast resolution.

Client research

The online medium also offers an ideal platform to aid consumers to write their feedbacks and reviews on specific products and solutions by big and small companies. The community members and groups can also guide other customers through their awareness posts and critical remarks.

Inexpensive marketing networks

The online consumer forums act like the practical efficient channels to provide information on present and forthcoming products to customers. Also, they provide companies and brands ideal ways to improve their products by reading their customers’ comments and reviews of their products.

An effortless procedure for filing complaints

These online forum groups also aid customers with simple methods of complaint filing. Users just need to fill a form with particular information and the problems they face in products and services, later submit the correctly filled form to the website.

Make better decisions

Consumers can use the achieved details in the best possible way and learn to decide better when buying a product or solution. Also, they will understand about the better services in the marketplace through a conversation on the online medium. By getting familiar with a positive product and company in the marketplace, clienteles can make a great choice when buying a product.

Consumer Sathi allows consumers to file Online Complaint Against Company. Offering services to the Indian customers, the online platform aids consumers get their common issues and complaints resolved. The experts from the online forum also guide customers on how to file customer complaint. In addition, Consumer Sathi also offers guidance to clients and visitors by offering valued information on Indian consumer laws, consumer rights, Govt. regulatory agencies, Indian consumer court and consumer complaints and procedure.

Filing a complaint in Consumer Court

With the changing of centuries, the trends are also changing. And with the change in trends, the markets are also changing. The theme ‘Let the buyer beware’ has been changed to ‘Customer is the King.’

And this little change in the theme has brought a disastrous change in the marketing practices. A consumer is now the king and has all rights to sue a marketer who uses unfair means of trade.

But from a long time, people have tried to avoid the courts as much as possible. This was because the courts not only took their times but sometimes would also make holes in their pockets.

Seeing the decreasing trust of people in the judiciary, the government started a new league of courts made just for the trade practices and to secure the customer. It also ensures that a minimum amount of money is spent and merely no time of the plaintiff is wasted.

With the coming of times, the government has taken necessary steps to bring us a step closer to our judiciary. Now, each person can file a case in consumer court without giving a second thought.

Many laws have been passed to protect consumers from ruthless exploitation. Some of them are:

  • Sale of Goods Act, 1936
  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872
  • The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006
  • The Dangerous Drugs Act, 1952
  • Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1972


There is a series of required procedures to file a complaint in consumer court. But before that, you need to know which court is right to appeal in.

  • For the cases with amount involved up to Rs. 5 lakhs: District Forum
  • For cases with the amount involved between Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 1crore: State Commission
  • For cases with the amount involved above 1 crore: National Commission.

You need to pay a small amount of fee as well to get your proceedings on a move. The fee as prescribed by the government is as follows.

Sr. No. Total value of goods or services and the compensation claimed Amount of fee payable.
  District Forum  
(1) Upto one lakh Rupees – For complaints who are under the Below Poverty Line holding Antyodaya Anna Yojana cards. Nil
(2) Upto one lakh Rupees – For complaints other than Antyodaya Anna Yojana Cardholders Rs. 100
(3) Above one lakh and upto five lakh Rupees Rs. 200
(4) Above five lakh and upto ten lakh Rupees Rs.300
(5) Above ten lakh and upto twenty lakh Rupees Rs. 400
  State Commission  
(6) Above twenty lakh and upto fifty lakh Rupees Rs. 2000
(7) Above fifty lakh and upto one crore Rupees Rs. 4000
  National Commission  
(8) Above one crore rupees Rs. 5000  

Documents required to file a complaint in Consumer Court

Before filing a complaint in the consumer court, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents. These may include:

  • A bill or an invoice for the purchase
  • Warranty card or SLA (optional)
  • Proof of payment; cheque or credit card statement (optional)
  • Any communication or record from the company which can point towards the negligence, insensitivity or lack of attention from the company.
  • Registered address of the company

Notice to the Company

Firstly, you are needed to send a legal notice to the company. Be detailed about your grievances and fill in the exact price of loss occurred. The notice can be printed on an A4 size paper. Make sure that you add the tracking feature with the post to generate a proof of the company receiving the notice.

File your complaint

There are some procedures to file a complaint in consumer court. Let’s have a look.

  • Along with your complaint and affidavit, attach the list of documents to strengthen your complaint. Attach only the photocopies of the evidentiary documents and not the originals. You may also need to sign a Vakalatnama, which is similar to a power of attorney, authorizing your lawyer to represent you in the suit.
  • You would have to approach Notary and file your complaint and notarize your affidavit. You would have to show your identity proof over there. Notarization is the process by which the court confirms that you are the person you say you are.
  • You’d be needing to make specific copies of your complaint to send it to different departments, after which you have to pay the fees of the court. Most of the time, you can pay via Demand Draft.

Once the fee has been paid, your complaint gets successfully registered and you get the date for the proceedings. The winning or losing all depends upon how good your evidences are and are these evidences able to state the defendant guilty or not.

Courts are there to help us, but lets first ourselves be active and see to our rights and responsibilities to become responsible buyers and citizens.

Things To Know About Consumer Forums And Complaints

There are several fake and scam cases where consumers are cheated by companies and brands, specifically online shopping stores. Many companies focus just on their advantages using all right and wrong tricks. They cheat their clients with fake advertisements and discount offers. In fact, consumers don’t get any quality products and services but get an additional bill, damaged product delivery and poor customer support with no system for resolving customer complaints.

Some of the common complaints made by consumers include against:

  • False information about the product
  • Overlapping
  • Bad customer service
  • No response from the company
  • Disruption

File A Case in Consumer Court

A consumer forum online provides easy procedure to file complaints in consumer court. Many customers do not know their rights so they come across several problems from companies and even big and reputed brands. Business owners find great benefits of this condition. The online consumer sites allow customers to file a case in consumer court.

In all nations, there are a few specific rights for people given by the government and if these rights are insecure, a customer can take the help of the court and file a complaint against the associated business. Several companies fool their consumers by providing products with some hidden regulations and terms. Consumer forums aid people to be aware of their rights and avoid these terms.

These online portals help customers to fill a complain form with the right information and submit on their website. These services also guide individuals on their rights and procedures to take corrective action against false companies. These online forums are also intended to increase alertness among buyers regarding forge services. They offer swift online support to aid customers to find their problems resolved within less time.

Consumer Forum aids customers to file an online complaint against a business or a company. It provides authorized approaches to the customers to find the legal direction against the fake business. With the rise of numerous new firms in the market, a customer should also be cautious and modernized when purchasing a product online. They must keep in mind the following points:

  • Choose a registered brand to purchase high-quality products.
  • Check out the terms and conditions before buying a product or making an investment decision with a financial firm.
  • Do check the manufacturing and expiry date when purchasing an eatable product.
  • Before deciding to purchase a product from a specific firm, you must explore the firm background online and its status among clienteles.

Consumer Sathi is the ideal destination for consumers to find the fastest solutions to their issues. It offers all lawful and competent support for handling customer complaints. With expert services, it handles all paperwork and gets the help of legal actions if required to aid clients to find the fastest solutions to their problems.

Online Complaint Against Company

In this highly advanced era where selling and purchasing are generally done via online shops, it’s important to protect consumer rights. According to a report, consumer complaints are growing at a fast pace but still, the customers deal with several questions including how to file a case, where to find support etc. In spite of being cheated or deceived by the retailers, many individuals avoid initiating a consumer complaint as they think it will take a lot of efforts to reach out to a seller for the refund.

Consumers can make complaints in the following circumstances:

  • The product purchased by a customer is faulty
  • Damage or loss is caused to the customer due to biased practice
  • The consumer has received a deficit product or service
  • A seller has charged the extra amount on the MRP
  • Products and services which are dangerous to life were retailed to the customers

Consumer complaints and case- Who Can File?

  • All consumers
  • All state government and central government
  • Any professional consumer organization
  • Two or more customers with the same interest
  • In case of demise of a customer, his representative or authorized heir

A consumer court is aimed to offer an additional privilege to the customers and to sustain the honest and fair selling practices by companies towards the customers.

You cannot file a complaint if:

  • Bought a product or received a service without paying money or free of cost.
  • Received a contract based service
  • Bought a product or received a service for commercial use.

How to file a complaint?

Generally, you need to file a complaint by visiting the Consumer Court website. Later you will receive a complaint number that you can use to keep the track of complaint. Before going to the consumer court, it’s vital to first serve a notice to the vendor regarding the bad or deficient product and service or high prices to give them a chance to correct the deficiency.

Your complaint should give:

  • Information about the deficiency and the reasons on which you are making a complaint.
  • A written document and other verifications
  • Your complaint needs to be signed and confirmed

Make sure your complaint submission is based on facts and logic, do not submit unconfirmed claims and accusations.

Consumer Sathi is a renowned platform offering comprehensive support to customers to file Online Complaint Against Company. The consumer Sathi allows consumers to deal with the scam and deceitful services. It aids clienteles to file complaints against a business and reach out to the Consumer Court effortlessly. The expert team of this online forum guides consumers in filing a complaint and knowing their rights. The official website of the Consumer Sathi provides information and guidelines about consumer rights to its visitors.

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Online Consumer Forum – The Powerful Way to Fight Against Frauds

Consumers play an important role in the success and growth of a business online and offline. Actually, consumers work as a support system for old as well as new technology-based companies. However, there are many customers who are cheated by these businesses. Most of the consumers are not aware of their rights thus many fraud companies cheat them by offering false or overpriced products and services.

Online consumer forums are helping people to find a solution to these problems. These forums allow you to report and file a complaint easily by using a few simple steps. However, the consumer should also be careful when purchasing a product from a company. Awareness is the most significant defense which can help a customer to be aware and fight against such problems caused by private or government companies. Knowing your rights will allow you to be safe from fake and fraud services.

Things to remember while buying a product:

Product quantity

Quantity is a vital aspect that you need to be careful of while buying a product. Sometimes, a customer purchases less quality at a very low price because they have no knowledge or half -knowledge about the same.

Product quality

This means the features of a commercial product which thoroughly meet the needs of the patrons. A great quality of a product gives satisfaction to the customer. Some knowledgeable customers look for only high-quality products while others just run after low priced product with low quality. In this case, no or half knowledge can invite many problems for a customer. Thus, you should always check the features and quality of a product before investing your money in.

Expiry date

An expiration date of a product is the very important thing to consider before making a purchase. Sometimes, an expired product or medication can be life threating, so it’s important to check the date properly.


Brand actually presents the level of the business. Branded products are considered safe and perfect but there are a number of fake companies in the market selling defective products with a reputed brand’s logo at the same price. So you must be careful about the same.

Product cost

Cost is the major concern while buying the product either from a brand or a small company. Save yourself from defective and false products. Also, be careful while spending your money and choose a product at the right price.

Consumer Sathi helps consumers to deal with fraud and deceitful services. It helps customers to file complaints against a company and reach to Consumer Court easily. The professionals from the online forum also guide customers on filing customer complaint and understanding their rights.

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Consumer Complaints Website – File Consumer Complaints Online

The advanced method of online complaint filing has made it easier for customers to get quick solutions for their problems regarding a product purchase. This is actually a website related to consumer complaints where clients can register their complaints about obtained products they are disappointed with. In this process, a consumer requires to fill up a form with a brief info about his complaint or query against the brand. Later, an expert team assess the matter and suggest a mandatory legal activity for the problem. The procedure not only saves a great amount of time but also aids you to get familiar with several legal factors and consumer rights. One can effortlessly access to the consumer court via these forums. All you need to do is filling a form with detailed information and the issue you have found in the product or a service and submit online.

The websites for Consumer Forum Online Complaint help in simplifying the difficult legal actions for all users. These online resources provide simple to handle method in the arrangement of online forums which help the customers with the facts about particular products, services, and companies. The online process aids you to fight with the scam activities and situations of defective stuff, it is necessary to comprehend the strategy of the complaint while taking the matter to the court and these sites can help you for the same.

There are some common reasons why consumers make complaints about something. Sometimes they show their displeasure and irritation when they have not received the expected products and services. The online forums also help companies to enhance their services and product quality by reading user comments and reviews. Consumers can guide other individuals who use similar products from the same brand.

Why does a customer complain?

  • Overlapping
  • Improper information
  • An interruption in the product delivery
  • Lack of data
  • Bad customers service
  • No response from the company

How an online complaint aid clienteles?

  • To find better customer service and support
  • Get continuing associations against the alleged services
  • Understand all essential actions taken to correct an issue and address a concern

Consumer Sathi helps people to make complaints about a business or a brand. It is intended for Indian consumers to aid them to get their problem resolved concerning a product quality, bad service and incorrect product information or other common consumer complaints. The experts from the website guide customers on filing complains in the finest way. The Consumer Sathi teaches and guide guests by offering helpful information regarding consumer rights, consumer court in India, Indian consumer laws, Govt. regulatory agencies and complaints and procedure.

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