Deepak Vaishnav

Deepak purchased a car from a renowned brand but had a bad experienced with engine quality of the vehicle. He was traveling with his family, and suddenly within 500 Km, the car stopped. He got the engine checked by the mechanic who also confirmed that the engine was damaged and need around Rs. 70,000 to get replaced. His concern was that how his new vehicle got seized in just 700kms. He demanded the refund or replacement of the car from the company. He got disappointed from the brand, products and its customer services. Eventually, he took the help of Consumer Sathi to get his issues resolved. We helped Deepak  with proper assistance and fast-tracking resolution for replacement of engine at free of cost.

Amit Sharma

Mr. Amit purchased a washing machine from a renowned brand on Oct 10, 2018 with warranty till Oct 10, 2020. His complaint was about two issues; one was the noise level and vibration problem which was resolved but occurred again. The second issue was with the drum that got unpolished after running a clean drum program. When he approached the service provider with service request ID no. he was told that he might have used some cleaning chemical powder in the drum while running a clean program. However, the machine was run in the clean program with water only on 90-degree temp which is a standard function of the machine. We helped him to get proper assistance and fast-tracking resolution for replacement of drum at free of cost with 6 months extended warranty.

Krishnan Mathur

Mr. Krishnan launched a complaint against a popular digital wallet. He was facing a lot of trouble in getting his Rs. 9000 which was deducted on 7th December from his account and it didn’t credit into receiver’s account. However, the app was showing that the transaction was successful. He contacted the bank branches and got to know the real issue happened through the digital wallet. He reached more than 80 times to the customer support team of the app but no one was giving the satisfying response. After trying all the possible methods, he contacted Consumer Sathi with a proof of his transaction details. We helped him to get their amount of INR 9000 returned into their account within a stipulated time.

Kanwaljit Singh

Kanwaljit Singh booked a phone POCO F1 8GB ram and 256 GB internal memory costing rupees 26000. On 24 Dec, he received a Thermocol piece and a Rin soap in his delivery box. Since it was a COD option, he paid 26000 rupees to the delivery boy, but after sometime when he opened the package, he was shocked. He made a complaint using Consumer Sathi service. We helped him to get the phone delivered with an extended warranty for 2 years as compensation.

Gopi Chand Thakur

Gopi Chand Thakur booked a package in a famous room and accommodation service for 5 days. The package included breakfasts for 4 days while he got the breakfast only once and the remaining 4 breakfast meals he had to bear the expenses when it was already prepaid.
In another incidence with the same accommodation chain in Pahalgam, he faced issues such as no power supply, no water supply, no room heater to cope with the chilling cold. The same instance happened on his last day at the Srinagar property. He wanted to get a refund of his package amount of Rs.15000, so he took the help of Consumer Sathi. We have got them complimentary stay for 4 nights across India including breakfast and Dinner meals.

Shaurya Chauhan

Shaurya Chauhan visited a reputed hotel in Goa for Holiday Package for his children on 28-05-2018. He was asked to take a membership at the cost of Rs. 55, 644.00 with alluring promises of gifts and discounts. However, after availing the membership and seeing the services, Shaurya realized that it was not worth to pay such huge amount. He asked for the cancellation of the membership, but the hotel manager denied the same. Later after several requests, the manager assured him that the money would refunded within 60 days. Shaurya waited for around six months to get his money back, but he did not receive the money as promised by the hotel. He took the help of consumer court for the legal action. Mr. Chauhan has received his membership fee Refund within 25 working days from the day he filed a complaint with us.

Rajveer Chowdhary

Rajveer Chowdhary filed a complaint against a renowned cosmetics and healthcare brand. She consulted the dermatologist for the pigmentation on her face and dark circles under the eyes. She was recommended to take six sessions of peeling for the face and six sessions of peeling for dark circles under the eye at the total costs of Rs 40000/-. The treatment was not effective at all as she still has the same face pigmentation. The dermatologist assured her that it would be cured in 6 sessions of peelings, but it has not. Since it has not cured, she was asked to get PRP at an extra payment. She was utterly dissatisfied with the treatment and services from this worldwide famous brand thus she decided to take the help of the consumer court. We helped her to get the compensation of 70% of paid amount without going court.