Online Complaint Against Company

In this highly advanced era where selling and purchasing are generally done via online shops, it’s important to protect consumer rights. According to a report, consumer complaints are growing at a fast pace but still, the customers deal with several questions including how to file a case, where to find support etc. In spite of being cheated or deceived by the retailers, many individuals avoid initiating a consumer complaint as they think it will take a lot of efforts to reach out to a seller for the refund.

Consumers can make complaints in the following circumstances:

  • The product purchased by a customer is faulty
  • Damage or loss is caused to the customer due to biased practice
  • The consumer has received a deficit product or service
  • A seller has charged the extra amount on the MRP
  • Products and services which are dangerous to life were retailed to the customers

Consumer complaints and case- Who Can File?

  • All consumers
  • All state government and central government
  • Any professional consumer organization
  • Two or more customers with the same interest
  • In case of demise of a customer, his representative or authorized heir

A consumer court is aimed to offer an additional privilege to the customers and to sustain the honest and fair selling practices by companies towards the customers.

You cannot file a complaint if:

  • Bought a product or received a service without paying money or free of cost.
  • Received a contract based service
  • Bought a product or received a service for commercial use.

How to file a complaint?

Generally, you need to file a complaint by visiting the Consumer Court website. Later you will receive a complaint number that you can use to keep the track of complaint. Before going to the consumer court, it’s vital to first serve a notice to the vendor regarding the bad or deficient product and service or high prices to give them a chance to correct the deficiency.

Your complaint should give:

  • Information about the deficiency and the reasons on which you are making a complaint.
  • A written document and other verifications
  • Your complaint needs to be signed and confirmed

Make sure your complaint submission is based on facts and logic, do not submit unconfirmed claims and accusations.

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